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Hey guys! last day, me and my friends took some video to do our civic task.. The teacher told to us to make a short movie about "human rights". So, our class choose the theme about friendship who have a problem inside. Well, my class isn't a class who easy to do something by teamwork. Me, as the leader of that movie often fight with my classmate, Arnold (he's the film director) and sometimes he's also fight with our videographers (Sonia and Adel). But, luckily we finish some scene for this week. Yay, I'm happy! :D. Cause, if this movie can't be completed, i am the one who can be so stress+depress.. We take some scene at school. After we take it, we take some photos (hehe, all of us are very "narcist")  So, in this post, i will upload some photos that taken when we make the movie..

with one of the videographers and also my bestfriend and my soulmate, Sonia <3

in the left  : Cindy Christianti , in the middle : Dewi ,in the right : Me

so, this is my classmates, the students of 7A (not all)

And big thanks to Sonia, who brought her Camera to take some scene and to upload those Photos! xoxo <33

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