Hiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!! o God please don't tell me it's been almost 3 years since my last post. no. don't.I feel too lazy to open my blog idk why, then now it crosses my mind to try to post something again in my blog. Don't really know what to say or what to post, i feel a lil bit awkward here because after gone for 3 years and suddenly i come back like what hahaha tell me it's okay (even if it's not).

Actually, i will only post if I'm not busy because now i'm in senior high school and hell I'm so busy with the tasks, exams, and many moreeee. Morever, i join the students council which makes me very busy. And as you know, last week our school held an event called Pius Expo&Competition and it was a veryyyy hectic week for OSIS to prepare it. But thank God the event was succeed, no rain and the wheater was very sunny. And fyi, i was the MC for that event. I learn a lot actually from this event. :)

I think I'm too lazy to upload photos so yeah no photos for this post^^. Well, it's 10.00 PM in my country so i should go to bed now. last but not least, i wanna say good night to all of you guys.