what's up

Heyheyhey! what's up? Meet me again with a very boring post, i guess? hehe

I was took these photos before i went to the church. So, it was a little bit rush for took the photos.
I'm sorry for the bad photos quality.:( You know, i took it with self-timer .:D forgive me??

Thanks for comment and following me. Yea, you guys are so lovely. XOXO 


calm green

sorry for the rarely posting on my blog:( i know I'm a bad bad bad blogger:(. As an apology, i posted some photos that i took when i went to Lembang, West Java. Almost of the photo's background is green. Love it so much!

aaahh, i love the view <3

I've changed the effect. :))

from the top of  my aunt's villa.